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Encyclopedia of Medicinal Plants

2 Vol Set-DVD Included



With this handsome two volume set of Encyclopedia of Medicinal Plants you will learn to use hundreds of plants for prevention of and reversing sickness. Twentyfive methods to turn plants into medicine featuring full color pictures and illustrations. The most easy to use and comprehensive books that I have seen on the subject of Medicinal plants.

Throughout the ages, plants have been used by humans as a source of food, cosmetics, medicine, clothing and even shelter. Plants have served as the basis of sophisticated traditional medicine systems for thousands of years in countries such as China and India. These plant based systems continue to play an essential role in health care. It has been estimated by the World Health Organization that about 80% of the world's inhabitants rely mainly on traditional medicines for their primary health care. Plant products also play an important role in the health care systems of the remaining 20 percent of the population who mainly reside in developed countries. The United States National Cancer Institute (NCI) has screened well over 100,000 plant extracts for anticancer activity and over 30,000 for anti-AIDS activity. Thus the medicinal value of plants is inestimable.

In this encyclopedia set, Dr. George D. Pamplona-Roger combines careful research on 470 different plants, with western medical science. The result is a gold mine resource that common people can easily use to treat all kinds of diseases. Dr. Pamplona-Roger meticulously describes each plant, with pictures, diagrams, and charts. He explains what body system each plant is good for, and how to prepare the plant to utilize its medicinal properties.

Featured in this encyclopedia set:

+ Index of diseases Index of plants
+ Glossary of difficult terms
+ Warnings about possible side effects
+ Preparation and use instructions for each plant

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