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Mission Baja California Via Sail Boat 2008

Man Reading Perfect Storm In  La Paz, Mexico
(A Typical Scene)
Dear Fellow Pilgrims,
I want to start this mission report by thanking all of you that took the time to send a prayer to the ears of our Heavenly Father (who dwells in the Sanctuary on high) for our success and protection while on this seafaring mission. Thank you so much...we had a very safe and successful mission. We did have a few trials but nothing went wrong in the way of safety and all of the books were distributed.
Just returned from Mexico on Thursday night (Nov 27th) from a sail boat literature evangelism tour...we gave away 1000 books, 200 English, 800 Spanish. Kirwin Wong came down and helped us bring the sail boat back from Cabo San Lucas. I was on the boat for an entire month!! Got sick the first day and prayed for healing from the motion sickness and miraculously the sea became calm and my motion sickness never returned for the entire trip. Praise God!! HalleluYah!!!
On October 26th, 2008 3 crew members (Ed Crouse, Donna Hamp and I) and Captain Mel Hamp boarded the "Sea Angel" 42' Catalina Sailing Yacht and departed from US soil along with 141 other sail boats participating in a sail boat race called the Baja Ha-Ha. Leaving the San Diego Harbor we headed to Turtle Bay, Baja Mexico.

Our first stop in Mexico some 3 days later was in Tortuga Bay (Turtle Bay) where we were greeted by a gentleman on the dock by the name of Miguel (Michael). This cheerful and helpful man guided us through the town and helped us distribute some 200 books walking from house to house.
90% of the people in Mexico are more than happy to receive the books and to our amazement they often begin reading the book immediately upon receiving it. What a contrast to the English speaking population here in the US who flat out reject the book 8 out of 10 times in public distribution efforts. May Father Yah have mercy on our proud American souls is my sincere prayer.
Maltese Falcon Story
Just before arriving in the city of La Paz while cruising in the Sea of Cortez we delivered 4 Perfect Storm books to the crew of the largest sailing yacht in the world.  The Maltese Falcon, owned by Tom Perkins. Just to give you an idea of the enormity of this vessel, it is 289 ft. long ( about the length of a football field) and each of the three masts weighs 25 tons..that is 75 tons of mast!! It is an awesome vessel.
We were sailing in the sea of Cortez when we spotted this huge white sail and then when it came and passed us I requested that the captain take me over to the Maltese Falcon so that I could give them 4 English books and 1 Spanish. (Sister White says that there is a work to be done for the rich. They are very lonely and most people do not like them simply because of jealousy or they are simply too difficult to make contact with.) The captain of our sail boat was a little shy and declined my request to deliver a few books to the Maltese Falcon and Crew but shortly thereafter we hit a sand bar and our boat suddenly stopped. We physically hung on the boom in order to tilt the boat and successfully freed the boat from the sand and then our captain decided to go pay the Maltese Falcon and crew a visit. I stood on the bow of our yacht and when we approached the moored Maltese Falcon I shouted and told the crew that I had a gift for the Captain and the Owner. One of the crew climbed off of the ship down into their speed boat. I had wrapped the books in a rubber band and put them into a plastic grocery bag. I then threw the books to the crew member and he caught the package. The captain of the Maltese Falcon came out of his quarters and shouted down to me asking me my name. I shouted that we were "Sea Angel" (the name of the sail boat we were on) and he responded by asking my name in particular. I told him who I was and then he thanked me. Praise God!! What a privilege it is to participate in the sharing of this wonderful end time message!   We then went away and prayed that the owner and the captain would read the book and perceive the seriousness of the message contained therein.  I solicit your prayers as well.
I have many stories to share but time is of the essence and I need to get some sleep tonight.
I want to close with a quote from Sister White.
     "The night of trial is nearly spent. Satan is bringing in his masterly power because he knoweth that his time is short. The chastisement of God is upon the world, to call all who know the truth to hide in the cleft of the Rock, and view the glory of God. The truth must not be muffled now. Plain statements must be made. Unvarnished truth must be spoken, in leaflets and pamphlets, and these must be scattered like the leaves of autumn.--Testimonies, vol. 9, p. 231.  {ChS 147.3}        Canvassers are needed to take up the work of carrying these silent messengers of truth to the people,--canvassers who feel a burden for souls, and who can speak words in season to those who are seeking for light. Some may say, "I am not a minister; I cannot preach to the people," You may not be able to preach, but you can be an evangelist, ministering to the needs of those with whom you come in contact; you can be God's helping hand, working as the disciples worked; you can ask those you meet if they love the Lord Yahushua."--Southern Watchman, Nov. 20, 1902.  {ChS 147.4}
By the way, the History of Redemption Bible makes a wonderful gift for those of you who are shopping for seasonal gifts for your family, friends and loved ones. If purchased in bulk (3 or more) the price is reduced..Please go to my website and take a look. I would be more than happy to ship the Bible to you upon purchase or you can simply call me on my cell 408-355-5732 and we can discuss pricing and shipping.
Heavens Blessings and hope to hear from you soon,

John Vega


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