"In the time of the end, every divine institution is to be restored."
"Christians who extol Christ, but array themselves against the law
governing the Jewish church, array Christ against Christ."

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Lifted Hands in Prayer
and in Spiritual

An exhaustive compilation of what the Bible and 
Ellen White have to say about lifted hands and folded hands

I Timothy 2:8 
"I will therefore that men pray every where, lifting up holyhands, without wrath and doubting."

(Sacred Hebrew Name restored per Malachiyahoo 3:16 "Then they that feared YAHUWAH spake often one to another: and YAHUWAH hearkened, and heard [it], and a book of remembrance was written before him for them that feared YAHUWAH, and that thought upon his name.)

Moshe spread abroad his hands

Exodus 9:29And Moshe said unto him, As soon as I am gone out of the city, I will spread abroad my hands unto Yahuwah; [and] the thunder shall cease, neither shall there be any more hail; that thou mayest know how that the earth [is] YAHUWAH's.

Exodus 17:11, 12

And it came to pass, when Moses held up his hand, that Israel prevailed: and when he let down his hand, Amalek prevailed. But Moshe's hands [were] heavy; and they took a stone, and put [it] under him, and he sat thereon; and Aaron and Hur stayed up his hands, the one on the one side, and the other on the other side; and his hands were steady until the going down of the sun.

1 Kings 8:54-58

And it was [so], that when Solomon had made an end of praying all this prayer and supplication unto YAHUWAH, he arose from before the altar of YAHUWAH, from kneeling on his knees with his hands spread up to heaven. And he stood, and blessed all the congregation of Israel with a loud voice, saying, Blessed [be] YAHUWAH, that hath given rest unto his people Israel, according to all that he promised: there hath not failed one word of all his good promise, which he promised by the hand of Moshe his servant. YAHUWAH our Eloah be with us, as he was with our fathers: let him not leave us, nor forsake us: That he may incline our hearts unto him, to walk in all his ways, and to keep his commandments, and his statutes, and his judgments, which he commanded our fathers.

2 Chronicles 6:13,14

For Solomon had made a brazen scaffold, of five cubits long, and five cubits broad, and three cubits high, and had set it in the midst of the court: and upon it he stood, and kneeled down upon his knees before all the congregation of Israel, and spread forth his hands toward heavenAnd said, O YAHUWAH Eloah of Israel, [there is] no Elohim like thee in the heaven, nor in the earth; which keepest covenant, and [showest] mercy unto thy servants, that walk before thee with all their hearts:

{1SP 414.1}

King Solomon stood upon a brazen scaffold before the altar, and blessed the people. He then knelt down, and, withhis hands raised upward, poured forth earnest and solemn prayer to Elohim, while the congregation were bowed with their faces to the ground. After Solomon had ended his prayer, a miraculous fire came from Heaven and consumed the sacrifice.

Ezra 9:5

And at the evening sacrifice I arose up from my heaviness; and having rent my garment and my mantle, I fell upon my knees, and spread out my hands unto YAHUWAH my Eloah, 9:6 And said, O my Elohim, I am ashamed and blush to lift up my face to thee, my Elohim: for our iniquities are increased over [our] head, and our trespass is grown up unto the heavens.

Nehemiah 8:6

And Ezra blessed the YAHUWAH, the great Elohim. And all the people answered, Amen, Amen, with lifting up their hands: and they bowed their heads, and worshipped YAHUWAH with [their] faces to the ground.

Job 11:13,14

If thou prepare thine heart, and stretch out thine hands toward him; If iniquity [be] in thine hand, put it far away, and let not wickedness dwell in thy tabernacles.

Psalms 28:2

Hear the voice of my supplications, when I cry unto thee, when  I lift up my hands toward thy holy oracle.

Psalms 63:4

Thus will I bless thee while I live: I will lift up my hands in thy name. (YAHUWAH)

Psalms 119:48

My hands also will I lift up unto thy commandments, which I have loved; and I will meditate in thy statutes.

Psalms 134:2

Lift up your hands [in] the sanctuaryand bless YAHUWAH.

Psalms 141:2

Let my prayer be set forth before thee [as] incense; [and] the lifting up of my hands [as] the evening sacrifice.

Lamentations 3:41

Let us lift up our heart with [our] hands unto Elohim in the heavens.

{CE 128.2}

 Moses lifted up his hands toward heaven when Israel and the opposing power were in warfare. Before all Israel he stood with his hands uplifted toward heaven. As soon as they began to drop the enemy gained the victory, and every time his hands were uplifted toward heaven the forces of Israel gained the victory. So Aaron and Hur stood on each side and held his hands toward heaven as a symbol, signifying that he was laying hold of the God of heaven as they must do. They must stretch their arms toward heaven. Christ is their helper.  {1SAT 244.2}

Nearly all persons can speak loud enough to be heard in ordinary conversation, and why should not the same voice and talent be used when they are called upon to bear testimony or offer prayer? When speaking of heavenly and divine things, why not speak in distinct tones, in a manner that will make it manifest that you know what you are talking about, and are not ashamed to show your colors? Why not pray as though you had a conscience void of offense, and could come to the throne of grace in humility and yet with holy boldness, lifting up holy hands without wrath and doubting? Do not bow down and cover up your face as if there were something that you desired to conceal; but lift up your eyes toward the heavenly sanctuary, where (Messiah) your Mediator stands before the Father to present your prayers as fragrant incense, mingled with his own merit and spotless righteousness. You are invited to come, to ask, to seek, to knock, and you are assured that you will not come in vain. {CE 128.2}

Sister White Raises Hands in Prayer

While visiting my sisters in Poland, I was afflicted with sickness. Those present united in prayer in my behalf, and the disease was rebuked. Angels seemed to be in the room, and all was light and glory. I was again taken off in vision, and shown that I must go about three miles to a meeting, and when there should learn what (YAHUWAH) would have me do. We went and found quite a large gathering of the brethren and sisters. None had known of any special meeting. J. T. was there. He had boasted that he understood the art of mesmerism, and that he could mesmerize me; that he could prevent me from having a vision, or telling a vision in his presence. There were many present who had heard this boast. I arose in the congregation. My visions came up fresh before me, and I commenced relating them, when I felt a human influence being exerted against me. I looked at J. T. He had his hand up to his face, and was looking through his fingers, his eyes intently fixed upon me. His lips were compressed, and a low groan now and then escaped him. In a moment I remembered the promise which (YAHUWAH) had given me, and turned to him and related what (YAHUWAH) had shown me in Portland; that if I was in danger of being affected by a human influence, to ask for another angel, who would be sent to protect me. I then raised my hands to heaven and earnestly cried, Another angel, Father! another angel! I knew that my request was granted. I felt shielded by the strong Spirit of (YAHUWAH), and was borne above every earthly influence, and with freedom finished my testimony. The saints were comforted, and rejoiced in (YAHUWAH). J. T. was asked why he had not stopped my relating the vision? He answered, "Oh, some of you would have her talk." With strong confidence, rejoicing in Elohim, we returned to my sister's. {2SG 62.1}

Sister White Appalled at SDA Leadership Praying With "hands hung down"

{RH, September 23, 1873 par. 18}

My burden during the meeting was to present (Yahushua) and His love before my brethren, for I saw marked evidences that many had not the spirit of (Messiah). My mind was kept in peace, stayed upon Elohim, and I felt sad to see that a different spirit had come into the experience of our brother ministers, and that it was leavening the camp. There was, I knew, a remarkable blindness upon the minds of many, that they did not discern where the Spirit of Elohim was and what constituted true (Messiah)ian experience. To consider that these were the ones who had the guardianship of the flock of Elohim was painfulThe destitution of true faith, the hands hung down, because not lifted up in sincere prayer! Some felt no need of prayer. Their own judgment, they felt, was sufficient, and they had no sense that the enemy of all good was guiding their judgment. They were as soldiers going unarmed and unarmored to the battle. Can we marvel that the discourses were Spiritless, that the living water of life refused to flow through obstructed channels, and that the light of heaven could not penetrate the dense fog of lukewarmness and sinfulness? 12MR 192.1}

Eliyahoo Lifts Hands While Pronouncing Judgments on Israel

The message of (YAHUWAH) came to Eliyahoo to go to Ahab, with the denunciations of his judgments, because of the sins of Israel. Eliyahoo traveled day and night until he reached the palace of Ahab. He solicited no admission, and waited not to be formally announced. All unexpectedly to Ahab, Eliyahoo stands before the astonished king of Samaria in the coarse garments usually worn by the prophets. He made no apology for his abrupt appearance, without invitation. He raised his hands to heaven, and solemnly affirmed by the living Elohim, who made the heavens and the earth, the judgments which would come upon Israel: "There shall be neither dew nor rain these years, but according to my word."

Messiah Prays With Lifted Hands

{YI, March 1, 1874 par. 1}

After (Yahushua) had been baptized of John in Jordan, he went straightway up out of the water to the bank of the river, and bowed in the attitude of prayer. A new and important era was opening before him, and he felt the solemnity and responsibilities of the new duties he was to perform, and heavier burdens which he was henceforth to bear. His baptism was the first act of his public ministry; and he here identifies himself with sinners as their representative, in taking upon him their sins, and numbering himself with transgressors. In his prayer, (Messiah), with his human arm, encircles fallen humanity, while with his divine arm he is reaching for the throne of the Infinite. His hands were raised upward, and his eyes were fixed as if penetrating Heaven; and he poured out his soul in supplication to his Father for strength to meet the unbelief and sinfulness of men, to break the power of Satan over man, and to be able to overcome Satan in behalf of man. He presented humanity before his Father, asking that he would grant to fallen man the light and strength and power from his own throne to successfully overcome the prince of the power of darkness. {YI, March 1, 1874 par. 2}
{RH, March 13, 1900 par. 2}

Paul makes his appeal to the elders of Ephesus

Lifting up his toil-worn hands, Paul makes his appeal to the elders of Ephesus: "Ye yourselves know, that thesehands have ministered unto my necessities, and to them that were with me." Those hands speak to us with remarkable impressiveness. Paul is not speaking mysteries. He is appealing to their knowledge of his manner of life. The great apostle was not ashamed nor afraid of work, and he did not treat this subject as in any way lowering to his work in the ministry.

Jacob Prays for the Safety of His Sons

{1SP 145.1}

- As his sons were about to leave him to go on their doubtful journey, their aged father arose, and, while standing in their midst, raised his hands to heaven, and entreated (YAHUWAH) to go with them, and pronounced upon them a gracious benediction. "And Elohim Almighty give you mercy before the man, that he may send away your other brother, and Benjamin. If I be bereaved of my children, I am bereaved."

Yahushua (Jesus) Calls the Dead to Life With Raised Hands {EW 16.1}

Then (Yahushua)'s silver trumpet sounded, as He descended on the cloud, wrapped in flames of fire. He gazed on the graves of the sleeping saints, then raised His eyes and hands to heaven, and cried, "Awake! awake! awake! ye that sleep in the dust, and arise." Then there was a mighty earthquake. The graves opened, and the dead came up clothed with immortality. The 144,000 shouted, "Alleluia!" as they recognized their friends who had been torn from them by death, and in the same moment we were changed and caught up together with them to meet (YAHUWAH) in the air. I saw angels hurrying to and fro in heaven. An angel with a writer's inkhorn by his side returned from the earth and reported to (Yahushua) that his work was done, and the saints were numbered and sealed. Then I saw (Yahushua), who had been ministering before the ark containing the ten commandments, throw down the censer. He raised His hands, and with a loud voice said, "It is done." And all the angelic host laid off their crowns as (Yahushua) made the solemn declaration, "He that is unjust, let him be unjust still: and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still: and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still: and he that is holy, let him be holy still." {EW 279.2}

Students in Germany Lift Hands During the Reformation

- {GC 139.1}
He saw also that as a professor in the university Luther was eminently successful. Only a year had passed since the Reformer posted his theses on the castle church, yet there was already a great falling off in the number of pilgrims that visited the church at the festival of All Saints. Rome had been deprived of worshipers and offerings, but their place was filled by another class, who now came to Wittenberg, not pilgrims to adore her relics, but students to fill her halls of learning. The writings of Luther had kindled everywhere a new interest in the Holy Scriptures, and not only from all parts of Germany, but from other lands, students flocked to the university. Young men, coming in sight of Wittenberg for the first time, "raised their hands to heaven, and praised Elohim for having caused the light of truth to shine forth from this city, as from Zion in times of old, and whence it spread even to the most distant countries."--Ibid., b. 4, ch. 10.

Eliyahoo Prays With Lifted Hands

{PK 152.1}

Reminding the people of the long-continued apostasy that has awakened the wrath of Yahuwah, Eliyahoo calls upon them to humble their hearts and turn to the Elohim of their fathers, that the curse upon the land of Israel may be removed. Then, bowing reverently before the unseen Elohim, he raises his hands toward heaven and offers a simple prayer. Baal's priests have screamed and foamed and leaped, from early morning until late in the afternoon; but as Eliyahoo prays, no senseless shrieks resound over Carmel's height. He prays as if he knows Yahuwah is there, a witness to the scene, a listener to his appeal. The prophets of Baal have prayed wildly, incoherently. Eliyahoo prays simply and fervently, asking Elohim to show His superiority over Baal, that Israel may be led to turn to Him."(YAHUWAH) Eloah of Abraham, Isaac, and of Israel," the prophet pleads, "let it be known this day that Thou art Elohim in Israel, and that I am Thy servant, and that I have done all these things at Thy word. Hear me, O (YAHUWAH), hear me, that this people may know that Thou art (YAHUWAH), and that Thou hast turned their heart back again."
{PK 152.2}
A silence, oppressive in its solemnity, rests upon all. The priests of Baal tremble with terror. Conscious of their guilt, they look for swift retribution.No sooner is the prayer of Eliyahoo ended than flames of fire, like brilliant flashes of lightning, descend from heaven upon the upreared altar, consuming the sacrifice, licking up the water in the trench, and consuming even the stones of the altar. The brilliancy of the blaze illumines the mountain and dazzles the eyes of the multitude. In the valleys below, where many are watching in anxious suspense the movements of those above, the descent of fire is clearly seen, and all are amazed at the sight. It resembles the pillar of fire which at the Red Sea separated the children of Israel from the Egyptian host. {PK 152.4}

Eliyahoo Prays With Lifted Hands

{3T 284.3}

The people of Israel stand spellbound, pale, anxious, and almost breathless with awe, while Eliyahoo calls upon Yahuwah, the Creator of the heavens and the earth. The people have witnessed the fanatical, unreasonable frenzy of the prophets of Baal. In contrast they are now privileged to witness the calm, awe-inspiring deportment of Eliyahoo. He reminds the people of their degeneracy, which has awakened the wrath of Elohim against them, and then calls upon them to humble their hearts and turn to the Elohim of their fathers, that His curse may be removed from them. Ahab and his idolatrous priests are looking on with amazement mingled with terror. They await the result with anxious, solemn silence. {3T 284.3}
After the victim is laid upon the altar, he commands the people to flood the sacrifice and the altar with water, and to fill the trench round about the altar. He then reverentially bows before the unseen Elohim, raises his hands toward heaven, and offers a calm and simple prayer, unattended with violent gestures or contortions of the body. No shrieks resound over Carmel's height. A solemn silence, which is oppressive to the priests of Baal, rests upon all. In his prayer, Eliyahoo makes use of no extravagant expressions. He prays to Yahuwah as though He were nigh, witnessing the whole scene, and hearing his sincere, fervent, yet simple prayer. Baal's priests have screamed, and foamed, and leaped, and prayed, very long-- from morning until near evening. Eliyahoo's prayer is very short, earnest, reverential, and sincere. No sooner is that prayer uttered than flames of fire descend from heaven in a distinct manner, like a brilliant flash of lightning, kindling the wood for sacrifice and consuming the victim, licking up the water in the trench and consuming even the stones of the altar. The brilliancy of the blaze illumes the mountain and is painful to the eyes of the multitude. The people of the kingdom of Israel not gathered upon the mount are watching with interest those there assembled. As the fire descends, they witness it and are amazed at the sight. It resembles the pillar of fire at the Red Sea, which by night separated the children of Israel from the Egyptian host. {3T 284.4}

 John The Baptist

"The next day John sees Jesus coming. With the light of the glory of God resting upon him, the prophet stretches out his hands , declaring, "Behold the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world! This is He of whom I said, After me cometh a man which is become before me. . . . And I knew Him not; but that He should be made manifest to Israel, for this cause came I baptizing in water. . . . I have beheld the Spirit descending as a dove out of heaven; and it abode upon Him. And I knew Him not: but He that sent me to baptize in water, He said unto me, Upon whomsoever thou shalt see the Spirit descending, and abiding upon Him, the same is He that baptizeth with the Holy Spirit. And I have seen, and have borne witness that this is the Son of God." John 1:29-34, R. V., margin.  {DA 137.1}

    Peter Stretches Out Arms

  In taking his eyes from Jesus, they fell upon the boisterous waves that seemed greedily threatening to swallow him; their roaring filled his ears, his head swam, his heart failed him with fear. As he is sinking, he recovers presence of mind sufficient to remember that there is One near who can rescue him. He stretches out his arms toward Jesus, crying, "Lord, save me, or I perish!" The pitying Saviour grasps the trembling hands that are reached toward him, and lifts the sinking form beside his own. Never does that kindly face and that arm of strength turn from the supplicatinghands that are stretched out for mercy. Peter clings to his Lord with humble trust, while Jesus mildly reproaches him: "O thou of little faith! wherefore didst thou doubt?"  {2SP 269.2}  

Noah stretches out his hands in supplication with voice full
of sympathy
 before the ark door closes.

But the time comes when the last appeal of Noah is made to the guilty race. He bids them yet once again heed the message of warning and find refuge in the ark. He stretches out his hands in supplication with voice full of sympathy. With quivering lip and tearful eye, he tells them his work is done, but the loud, coarse mocking and scoffs and insults more determined are heaped upon Noah. Enthusiast, fanatic, crazy, falls upon his ear. He bids them all farewell, he and his family enter the ark, and God shut the door. That door that shut Noah in, shut out the world. It was a shut door in Noah's time. And the Lord shut him in. Up to that time, God had opened a door whereby the inhabitants of the old world might find refuge if they believed the message sent to them from God. But that door was now shut and no man could open it. Probation was ended.  {TDG 235.2}  

Yahushua Is Recognized By Disciples Because Of His Style Of Putting Forth His Hands In Prayer

   "The simple evening meal of bread is soon prepared. It is placed before the guest, who has taken His seat at the head of the table. Now He puts forth His hands to bless the food. The disciples start back in astonishment. Their companion spreads forth His hands in exactly the same way as their Master used to do. They look again, and lo, they see in His hands the print of nails. Both exclaim at once, It is the Lord Jesus! He has risen from the dead!  {DA 800.4} 

Folded Hands(are) Symbolic of Death, Idleness/Inaction or
a Peace and Safety Attitude

(An exhaustive compilation of what Ellen White has to say about folded hands)

{ChS 163.3}

Shall we sit with folded hands, and do nothing in this crisis? . . . Elohim help us to arouse from the stupor that has hung over us for years.--Review and Herald, Dec. 18, 1888. {ChS 163.3}

{CT 148.2}

At home and in the school, by precept and example, the children and youth should be taught to be truthful, unselfish, industrious. They should not be allowed to spend their time in idleness; their hands should not be folded in inaction. Parents and teachers should work for the accomplishment of this object--the development of all the powers, and the formation of right character. But when parents realize their responsibilities, there will be far less left for the teachers to do.

{DA 769.1}

At last (Yahushua) was at rest. The long day of shame and torture was ended. As the last rays of the setting sun ushered in the Sabbath, the Son of Elohim lay in quietude in Joseph's tomb. His work completed, His hands folded in peace, He rested through the sacred hours of the Sabbath day.
Gently and reverently they removed with their own hands the body of (Yahushua) from the cross. Their tears of sympathy fell fast as they looked upon His bruised and lacerated form. Joseph owned a new tomb, hewn in a rock. This he was reserving for himself; but it was near Calvary, and he now prepared it for (Yahushua). The body, together with the spices brought by Nicodemus, was carefully wrapped in a linen sheet, and the Redeemer was borne to the tomb. There the three disciples straightened the mangled limbs, and folded the bruised hands upon the pulseless breast. The Galilean women came to see that all had been done that could be done for the lifeless form of their beloved Teacher. Then they saw the heavy stone rolled against the entrance of the tomb, and the Saviour was left at rest. The women were last at the cross, and last at the tomb of (Messiah). While the evening shades were gathering, Mary Magdalene and the other Marys lingered about the resting place of their Lord, shedding tears of sorrow over the fate of Him whom they loved. "And they returned, . . . and rested the Sabbath day according to the commandment." Luke 23:56. {DA 774.1}
"Never had (Messiah) attracted the attention of the multitude as now that He was laid in the tomb. According to their practice, the people brought their sick and suffering ones to the temple courts, inquiring, Who can tell us of (Yahushua) of Nazareth? Many had come from far to find Him who had healed the sick and raised the dead. On every side was heard the cry, We want (Messiah) the Healer! Upon this occasion those who were thought to show indications of the leprosy were examined by the priests. Many were forced to hear their husbands, wives, or children pronounced leprous, and doomed to go forth from the shelter of their homes and the care of their friends, to warn off the stranger with the mournful cry, "Unclean, unclean!" The friendly hands of (Yahushua) of Nazareth, that never refused to touch with healing the loathsome leper, were folded on His breast. The lips that had answered his petition with the comforting words, "I will; be thou clean" (Matt. 8:3), were now silent. Many appealed to the chief priests and rulers for sympathy and relief, but in vain. Apparently they were determined to have the living (Messiah) among them again. With persistent earnestness they asked for Him. They would not be turned away. But they were driven from the temple courts, and soldiers were stationed at the gates to keep back the multitude that came with their sick and dying, demanding entrance." {DA 776.1}

Laymen Fold Hands to Their Shame.
Folded Hands the Result of Death.

{2MCP 503.2}

--When death closes the eyes, when the hands are folded upon the silent breast, how quickly feelings of variance change! There is no grudging, no bitterness; slights and wrongs are forgiven, forgotten. How many loving words are spoken of the dead! How many good things in their life are brought to mind! Praise and commendation are now freely expressed; but they fall upon ears that hear not, hearts that feel not. . . . How many, as they stand awed and silent beside the dead, recall with shame and sorrow the words and acts that brought sadness to the heart now forever still!
I am alarmed at the indifference of our churches. Like Meroz, they have failed to come up to the help of (YAHUWAH). The laymen have been at ease. They have folded their hands, feeling that the responsibility rested upon the ministers. But to every man Elohim has appointed his work; not work in his fields of corn and wheat, but earnest, persevering work for the salvation of souls. Elohim forbid, Elder M, that you or any other minister should quench one particle of the spirit of labor that now exists. Will you not rather stimulate it by your words of burning zeal? (YAHUWAH) has made us the depositaries of His law; He has committed to us sacred and eternal truth, which is to be given to others in faithful warnings, reproofs, and encouragement. By means of railroads and steamboat lines we are connected with every part of the world and given access to every nation with our message of truth. Let us sow the seed of gospel truth beside all waters; for we know not which shall prosper, this or that, or whether both shall be alike fruitful. Paul may plant, and Apollos water; but it is Elohim who giveth the increase. {5T 381.1}

{YRP 186.2}

(YAHUWAH) has enlightened us in regard to what is coming upon the earth, that we may enlighten others, and we shall not be held guiltless if we are content to sit at ease, with folded hands, and quibble over matters of minor importance. The minds of many have been engrossed with contentions, and they have rejected the light given through the Testimonies, because it did not agree with their own opinions.

{RH, October 7, 1884 par. 8}

If those whose talents are rusting from inaction would seek the aid of the Spirit of Elohim, and go to work, we should see much more accomplished. Urgent appeals for help would stir hearts; and the response would be made, "We will do what we can in our weakness and ignorance, looking to the great Teacher for wisdom." Can it be that amid all these open doors for usefulness, these pathetic pleadings for help, men and women will sit with folded hands, or employ those hands only in selfish labor for earthly objects?

{RH, October 7, 1884 par. 9}

"Ye are the light of the world," said (Yahushua) to his disciples. But how few are conscious of their own power and influence; how few realize what they might do to be a help and a blessing to others. They wrap their talent in a napkin, and bury it in the earth, and flatter themselves that they possess a commendable humility. But the books of Heaven testify against these idlers, as slothful, wicked servants who are grievously sinning against Elohim by neglecting the work which he has given them to do. They will make no plea of unfitness when the heavenly records are opened, revealing their glaring neglect.
We would ask you what time have you set in which you have determined to give your heart to Elohim without reserve? What time have you set for seeking for perfection of character through faith in the righteousness of (Messiah)? Is it tomorrow? Tomorrow you may be cold in death. Is it next week? Next week your hands may be folded across your breast, and your eyes may be sealed in their last sleep, and it may be too late for you to perfect a character for heaven. I want to ask our ministers, What kind of character do you think (YAHUWAH) will accept in his kingdom? Do you know Elohim, and (Yahushua) (Messiah) whom he hath sent? Is the love of Elohim abiding in your souls? Are you dwelling in (Messiah), and (Messiah) in you? If you are, you are safe; but if you are not, there is no safety for you. Do not allow your minds to be diverted from the all-important theme of the righteousness of (Messiah) by the study of theories. Do not imagine that the performance of ceremonies, the observance of outward forms, will make you an heir of heaven. We want to keep the mind steadfastly to the point for which we are working; for it is now the day of (YAHUWAH)'s preparation, and we should yield our hearts to Elohim, that they may be softened and subdued by the Holy Spirit. {RH, April 5, 1892 par. 1}

{RH, February 4, 1904 par. 10}

Our work is plainly outlined by the work of (Messiah) and the work of his disciples after his resurrection and ascension. We are not at liberty to sit with folded hands, waiting for some one to lead us to fields of labor and set us at work. Those who have a knowledge of the truth are to go forth in the name of (YAHUWAH), believing every word that (Messiah) has spoken, and looking to him for grace and strength.

{ST, May 18, 1888 par. 10}

There are those all around us who are dying for want of the love of (Yahushua) expressed in the life of his followers. When the lifeless hands have been folded over the silent breast, how many have wished they had been more gentle, more tender. You cannot make confession in the ears of the dead, but you can exercise love and forbearance toward the living. Oh, that all might appreciate the privilege now given to sweeten the existence of those around them by the loving sympathy that so cheers and encourages the sad and lonely heart!

("Words of Counsel to Our Colored People," typed October 19, 1908.) {4MR 101.4}

There is room for all in the work of Elohim; for a world demands our labors. We must not put off the doing of our work until labor comes to be regarded as genteel. The life of (Messiah) is a constant rebuke to the one who is willing to sit by with folded hands. Let us now set to work in earnest to do something for (Messiah).--Ms 105, 1908, pp. 2, 3, 5.

{12MR 333.3}

(Yahushua) would have all who profess to believe in Him deal in the currency of heaven, handling those things upon which Elohim has stamped His image and superscription. These He presents before us as of infinite value. We see the need of a deep and thorough work in our churches but (YAHUWAH) alone can by His Spirit make the hearts that are as steel, soft and sympathetic and true to the service of (Messiah). We are far behind because the churches have folded their hands in a peace-and-safety attitude, and are at ease in Zion, doing almost nothing.  

Closing Thoughts

In compiling this study I have shown what the Scriptures and Sister White have to say about praying with lifted handsvs. folded hands. The Word of Eloah speaks very clear on this subject. In spite of the popular position most take while offering their prayers (head bowed down, hands hung down at their sides and folded) neither the Scriptures or the writings of Ellen White have anything positive to say about folding hands in prayer. The evidence in support of praying while lifting hands and face to heaven is overwhelming.

It is my sincere prayer that those who take the time to read this study will cease to follow the traditions they have followed all their lives and replace those traditions with the examples given in the Word of Elohim by His prophets and wise men/women. Most of us are in need of a prayer life that is real, alive and full of faith. Let us embrace the religion of Yahushua and His servants as revealed in the Word and disregard any and all traditions that are inhibiting our connection with Heaven and the Creator of it.

To YAHUSHUA be the glory GREAT things He hath done. HalleluYah!!!

"In the time of the end every divine institution is to be restored. The breach made in the law at the time the Sabbath was changed by man, is to be repaired. Elohim's remnant people, standing before the world as reformers, are to show that the law of Elohim is the foundation of all enduring reform and that the Sabbath of the fourth commandment is to stand as a memorial of creation, a constant reminder of the power of Elohim. In clear, distinct lines they are to present the necessity of obedience to all the precepts of the Decalogue. Constrained by the love of (Messiah), they are to co-operate with Him in building up the waste places. They are to be repairers of the breach, restorers of paths to dwell in. See verse 12. {PK 678.2}

Revelation 2:7, 2:11, 2:17, 2:29, 3:6, 3:13, 3:22"He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches."

Compiled on December 5th, 2004 by 
John Edward Vega
Founder of

Total Restitution is a ministry dedicated to restoring "the old waste places" spoken of in the books of Isaiah and Acts.

Isaiah 58:12 "And [they that shall be] of thee shall build the old waste places: thou shalt raise up the foundations of many generations; and thou shalt be called, The repairer of the breach, The restorer of paths to dwell in."
Acts 3:21 "Whom the heaven must receive until the times of restitution of all things, which Eloah hath spoken by the mouth of all his holy prophets since the world began." 

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