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7th New Moon (Ethanim) Sighted 2016

September 2, 2016


The seventh new moon based on Aviv barley was visible in many locations today. Reports are listed below. Share your new moon sighting.

Have a blessed Yom Teruah.

YHWH bless,

J. Meyer

McComb, Mississippi

At 7:35 CT the tiny sliver of moon was sighted, then lost in the haze, then reappeared again at 7:37pm. It stayed fully visible for more than 20 minutes at that point before sinking into the haze below it. AM

Sand Springs, Oklahoma

There was a haze and clouds on the horizon. I saw the crescent faintly about 8:15 central time.
Hag samaech/Happy Feast. JD

Sterling, Illinois

Seen by 20 people. (20 observers)

Caledonia, Ontario, Canada

We saw the new moon! At our latitude the new moon was calculated to only be visible under perfect conditions. Well the conditions are perfect. Happy Yom Teruah to all of Yahweh’s children! May Yahweh’s blessings be upon your families during the autumn appointments. DS (7 observers)

Ponce, Puerto Rico

Rafael and another eye witness sighted the new moon around 7:00 PM on September 2, 2016 before it disappeared behind some clouds.

Roseau, Dominica

Thank You our heavenly Father Yahweh for sustaining us through to this evening of Your holy seventh day Sabbath and naked eye sighting Your new moon start of Your biblical lunar sixth (6th) month Elul (Nehemiah 6:15).

Sunset was at 18:17 when my search for the 37 hr 14 mins old biblical sixth (6th) new moon started this Friday evening 2nd September 2016 and sighted it at 18:31 (14 minutes after sunset) in the midst of haze and so, it was dim at time of first sighting but became somewhat a bit brighter as it got darker, at which point, Moses Ford (uncle to the three children of a deceased sister of mines) I met where I stood in search of the new moon, was able of sighting it at 18:41 (10 minutes after I sighted it).

Because of the hazy condition of where the new moon was located, you will see in these photos that I was able to get a hold of the brighter star that was located in the non hazy area at the top left of the new moon but couldn’t get a photographic hold of the new moon itself located at the bottom right of the brighter star. I say brighter star because also, there was such of a dim star quite close to and directly in front of the top horn of the new moon.

It was 18:55 when I left off observing the new moon this weekly holy seventh day Sabbath (Shavat) evening.

Happy Shavat and sixth (6th) new moon day to all this week Saturday 3rd September 2016 in praise, worship and thanksgiving to Yahweh our Creator!

Augustus Paul Andrew

Jerusalem, Israel


On Friday September 2, 2016, the new moon was sighted from Jerusalem at 7:30pm by Becca Biderman and shortly thereafter by Cassandra Conroy. The photo at the top of this message was taken of this month’s new moon by Becca Biderman.

Have a Blessed Month!

Nehemia Gordon

Lawton, Oklahoma

Shabbat Shalom, there was no sighting from Lawton, OK due to clouds in the western sky. WI