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Product B Telomere Biology and Anti-Aging Supplimentation

January 3, 2014
John Vega

Product B is a totally vegan suppliment which contains over 30 select plant nutrients that have been carefully selected by John Anderson, a master formulator who has worked for over 600 different companies over a 30 year period, to work synergistically together, ie to enhance one another, to make the overall effect far greater than would normally be expected when one looks at the individual ingredients.

The very obvious benefits that I have personally noticed on myself after taking Product B for 2.5 months are these.
1. hair and nails growing much faster
2. better digestion
3. better sleep, much better
4. voice improvement - more volume, better tone 
5. faster recovery time after exercise and little to no soreness.
6. Teeth sensativity has completely gone away

Scam or Real? Reverse Aging & Symptoms of Disease at a Cellular Genetic Level!

Decoding Immortality : What is a Telomere?


Bill Andrews, PhD - How Telomere Research is
Turning Back the Aging Clock

Anti-Aging Through Telomere Support and Product B

Elizabeth Blackburn (UCSF) Part 1: The Roles of
Telomeres and Telomerase


Dave's Product B Presentation

The Action of Telomerase


Dr. Bill Andrews at the Independent Pharmacy
Business Growth Conference, 2/23/2012

CANCER - It is currently predicted nearly 50% of the Population Will Get Cancer!
10 Year Medical Study Comparing Cancer Rates & Telomere Length.
Short Telomeres   =   3 Times The Likelihood Of Cancer.

Insidermedicine In Depth - July 7, 2010 -
Cancer Risk With Telomere Length

To become an associate of Isagenix and order your first shipment of Product B please sign up at my website! Set yourself up to order 2 Product B autoship per month or simply call me at 408-355-5732 and I will walk you through the Isagenix sign up process over the phone.

Recently I was witnessing to a woman on Twitter about longevity and the Seventh-day Adventists. I called her attention to the November 2005 issue of National Geographic where they featured a study on the secrets of long life.
This triggered me to do some research on Jewish longevity.

Below are the top two articles that came up on my Google search of "Jews and longevity" and both articles tell us how the long telomeres are key to Jewish longevity.

Jewish Calendar

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