What's All The Fuss About The Calendar 2016


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What's All The Fuss
About The Calendar 2016

John Vega
Monday, March 21st, 2016

My dear Sister Pam Benton wrote:
"Please john could you send me an explanation of why some are saying it is Abib and some say it is not

Thanks so much


My Answer

Dear sister Pam, I'm so happy you made this inquiry because I believe that many diligent truth seekers and students of the biblical calendar are asking the exact same question. Why all the confusion? Why can't these people agree as to when the beginning of the biblical calendar begins?

Two Recognized Calendar Authorities See Things Differently

I have been investigating and monitoring this particular calendar development since spring 2008. I have discovered that what it all boils down to is that there are two groups of calendar scholars that do not agree with each other. The first is a group of people that have been students of calendar and of the cycles of nature in the land of Israel for many years. These people call themselves Karaite-Korner and Karaite-Korner have built themselves a global reputation as authorities on the biblical calendar especially in the messianic Jewish community. Nehemiah Gordon is the visible leader of this group and Nehemiah and a small team have spend their time and money to fly to the land of Israel and investigate the stages of development in the barley crop. Nehemiah and company believe that the barley harvest in Israel was not ripe enough to declare a new year on March 11th, 2016.

At the same time there is another group of educated, scholarly witnesses that once were close with Nehemiah Gordon named abibofgod. The abibofgod people are led out by a man named Brian Convery and from what I understand, Brian and company decided about 8 years ago to break away from Nehemiah Gordon due to their differences in determining the stage of growth the barley.
Brian and his wife Linda likewise spend their time and money to fly to Israel to investigate and report the stages of development in the barley crop for many years now. This year Brian and Linda once again came to different conclusions than did Nehemiah Gordon concerning the barley ripeness.
Abibofgod people believe that there is sufficiant barley in the green ear stage to present a first fruits offering on the 26th of March . Brian has also found many other evidences in nature in the land of Israel that are well enough along in their developmental stages to declare that indeed the new year has commenced on March 11th, 2016. 
This second group who used to be in close association with the people at Karaite-Korner decided that the people at Karaite-Korner were not being honest with the overwhelming evidences in nature telling them that it was indeed the first month of the Jewish year on Friday, March 11, 2016. 
I personally stand with the people at www.abibofgod.com because I have done my research online for many years (about 8) and have discovered that there are too many evidences in nature in the land of Israel that prove that we are indeed in the season of Passover. These evidences are as follows: the spring flowers are at their peak right now and will be over in late March, the figs are taking shape, the firstling lambs are at sufficient stage of growth to be offered if there were a temple in Jerusalem, the birds are mating etc. and most of the wildflowers on display right now in the land of Israel will be dead and gone by the time April 22 arrives when the majority will celebrate Passover.

Even though the people at abibofgod do not believe in Ellen G White's ministry, the people at abibofgod agree with the timing that Ellen G White tells us that the feast of Passover was celebrated in ancient times.

Here are two quotes from Sister White, first from the book Desire of Ages and second from the book Patriarchs and Prophets.

"There were three annual feasts, the Passover, the Pentecost, and the Feast of Tabernacles, at which all the men of Israel were commanded to appear before the Lord at Jerusalem. Of these feasts the Passover was the most largely attended. Many were present from all countries where the Jews were scattered. From every part of Palestine the worshipers came in great numbers. The journey from Galilee occupied several days, and the travelers united in large companies for companionship and protection. The women and aged men rode upon oxen or asses over the steep and rocky roads. The stronger men and the youth journeyed on foot. ***The time of the Passover corresponded to the close of March or the beginning of April***, and the whole land was bright with flowers, and glad with the song of birds. All along the way were spots memorable in the history of Israel, and fathers and mothers recounted to their children the wonders that God had wrought for His people in ages past. They beguiled their journey with song and music, and when at last the towers of Jerusalem came into view, every voice joined in the triumphant strain,— – {DA 75.2}
“Our feet shall stand 
Within thy gates, O Jerusalem.... 
Peace be within thy walls, 
And prosperity within thy palaces.” – {DA 76.1}
Psalm 122:2-7.

"The first of these festivals, the Passover, the feast of unleavened bread, occurred in ***Abib, the first month of the Jewish year, corresponding to the last of March and the beginning of April.*** The cold of winter was past, the latter rain had ended, and all nature rejoiced in the freshness and beauty of the springtime. The grass was green on the hills and valleys, and wild flowers everywhere brightened the fields. The moon, now approaching the full, made the evenings delightful. It was the season so beautifully pictured by the sacred singer: – {PP 537.3}
“The winter is past, 
The rain is over and gone; 
The flowers appear on the earth; 
The time of the singing of birds is come, 
And the voice of the turtle is heard in our land; 
The fig tree ripeneth her green figs, 
And the vines are in blossom, 
They give forth their fragrance.” Song of Solomon 2:11-13, R.V. – {PP 538.1}"

Here is a link that will help you understand in great detail why I agree with Brian Convery on the timing of Passover this year. http://abibofgod.com/6.html

Lastly, I would like to share with you a YouTube video that I was greatly blessed by . I strongly recommend you take 2+ hours to hear Brian out. It is indeed a wonderful presentation.

Brian Convery, The scriptural importance of abib/ What we do and Why


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